Six Japanese Work Phrases You Must Know!

July 29, 2019


Now its your first day at work in Japan and you are ready to set an outstanding first over there. But you are very nervous and you don’t even know what is acceptable at your first day of work in Japan. Well good thing is that you are reading this and i am here to help you out about this matter. 

So, it’s your first day of work in Japan and you’re pumped for what awaits you. As you anxiously sit down at your desk, and your boss happens to walk by. Come on, it’s your first day, how can you leave a good impression? Well good thing you’re reading this because we are here to save your day.

As i guess you already know that in Japan the value their culture a lot and they are very formal. So choose your words before saying anything as they will judge you based on your words. They like highly formal people. You should know how to speak to your boss and behave in front of him as your boss will perceive you according to your behavior.


Most people say that “actions speak louder than words”. But in Japan, sometimes it can be the other way around. Your word choice can truly affect how somebody perceives you. More specifically, the formality of your speech. Knowing how to speak respectably to your boss could make you seem like a great employee.

Say for example in Japanese ‘Hikōshiki no kon’nichiwa’ is an informal hi. you cannot use it anywhere not at least in front of your boss if you want to save your impression, but ‘Seishikina kon’nichiwa’ is a very formal hi you can use it with anyone even with your friends.