Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Japan.

July 29, 2019

Japan is a fantastic destination with beautiful landscapes. They have a beautiful combination of their ancient tradition and new technology. Japan is a country where people will wait patiently for water after a disaster. They have completely different rules and regulations its tough to list all the rules you should know before reaching there but after reading this blog you will definitely know basic things which will help you to survive and have fun in Japan. 

Cash is very important:

Cash is kingu (king) in Japan. Cash is basically a very important thing in Japan. as many places in Japan don’t accept cards. Hotels and big store accept credit cards but its better if you ask them first as they may not accept it sometimes. To avoid putting yourself in a ungraceful position its better to carry plenty amount of cash with you. And if you dont have cash by chance i will suggest you to quickly head towards an ATM booth as it is open 24/7 and withdraw some cash from their.

One of the safest country:

we are delighted to inform you that Japan is one of the safest country around the world. Even if you are a women and you don’t have any partner or friends with you still you are safe to roam around in Japan streets. but at the same time it is true for every place around the world that you have to be very careful with your money or go into argument or bad behavior with anyone in that case you may trap your self in a big problem.

Learn a few Japanese phrases and how to recognize key words:

As most of the Japanese people don’t know English so we recommend you to learn few Japanese phrases for your safe side. So that you can easily communicate with the local people whenever you need them. Make sure you know words like “thank you” “please” “excuse me ” “toilet” “exit” etc in Japanese language. For your safe side you can even write it down, so that you don’t need to struggle to find the basis things. 

Do not Point:

In Japan there are some issues which i highly recommend you not to do like pointing out at someone, having something in public no matter even if its a drink and taking someones picture without permission simply ‘never ever’ do that. it is also consider rude if you raise your voice while taking.  

Its hard to find an English translation:

As Japan is a very culture oriented country so it will be hard for you to find restaurants where they write there menus in English. At that time it becomes very crucial to know Japanese words as it is very hard to guess a dish by seeing its name like “Gyu Don”. Although in some places they do provide pictures of the dishes in  the menu but still it will be tough to understand what is in the menu. So it will be better if you either do some research about their dishes before visiting any restaurant or carry a translated with you.