Job Interview in Japan.

August 5, 2019

In Japan job interview is a very complex process. And depending on how well you perform it can create or destroy your chances of getting a good job. Still there are many companies who still do not want to hire employee from foreign countries. The reason behind it is because they think that foreigners will not be able to adapt to Japanese culture. And the best way to change their perception is to leave the interview board with a really good impression. Making them realize that you can adapt to their culture easily and you are being respectful to their thoughts. At the same it is also important that you bring out your own personality in front of them.

Being on time:

In Japanese interview timing is a very crucial thing. You have to be exactly 5-7 mins before time of the interview as it is count as the appropriate time for arriving to an interview. You cannot be 10-15 mins before as it is considering rude in Japan if you are that early for the interview, they think that you are wasting time or you don’t value time. Even if you are exactly on time this might give them a wrong impression as well because almost all the country around the world like candidates to be a little earlier before time.

Do not forget to take off your coat in the interview:

In Japan in any formal meeting or even if you visit any formal occasion it is considered as decency if you take of your coat before entering the office or parties. And this rule is also considerable in the interview as well. So never forget to take of your coat before entering the office as this may leave a very bad impression on them as first impression is the last impression you have to be very careful about it.