If you did not register for our seminar, please register first as it is the first step to get your desire job in Japan through our website ‘Chakripai.com’.And register for the seminar, after registering for the seminar you must have to attend the seminar in order to know about IT jobs requirements in Japan and what is the must ‘do’ things you have to do to get a job in Japan.

Since Japan lacks IT job holders in their country so they are recruiting only IT graduates or specialist from different countries in order to increase their IT workers to meet the increasing IT industry growth.

No it is not since the process of going from BD to Japan has multiple steps like:

* Without learning Japanese language it is not possible to survive in Japan.

* Sitting for the Japanese language exams.

* Searching for a job where you can fit

* And placement in Japan

and all this we are offering at a competitive price compared to our service.

As we are taking IT expertise and IT graduates who has good knowledge about programming language like python, java, SQL ‘click for details’ so we do not have to give training to this talents, but those candidates who have a lack of experience we give them ‘special’ opportunity to work with our IT team so that they can increase their experience and knowledge on this sector.

You can work in Japan without speaking Japanese but eventually you will be missing out on opportunities that ask for command of the Japanese language. Unfortunately, no one will tell you that you are not getting promoted due to lack of understanding of Japanese language and since Japan prefer only their mother tongue and they don’t encourage speaking English. Knowing Japanese is the only way to communicate with the people around in Japan.

As we have direct connection with the companies in Japan so after completing the language course and passing the language test we will contact with the Japanese companies and schedule your interview with them. After that we will be arranging your interviews over the phone with the Japanese company and you can give the interview just by sitting over here.

Not really. But the company where you will be selected to work will help you to get accommodation.